Taking The Toy From Stock to Wild

I bought the 87 Toy in 1993 to use as a supplementary work truck. Shortly after selling my 1972 340 – 4 Speed Plymouth Duster, the bug to customize once again came over me – and then I saw this Magazine – MiniTruckin’ Magazine and couldn’t believe what people were doing with mini-trucks. At that point, the Toy turned from work truck to custom vehicle. I started with bolt on parts from JC Whitney, then upped the game to  more serious, yet mild mods. Eventually I would buy a Miller Welder and seriously transform the Toy – but, in my opinion, I should have stopped at a mild custom – where the investment was still under $10G, and the problems and costs of a wild ride were absent.

NOTE: By clicking on the small pictures below you will open up the Image Gallery and they enlarge in a slideshow.

Bolt on stage:

Mild Stage:

The Pic taken at Frank Gentile Toyota, Racine WI after the MILD Toy Build:

From the Indy 2002 show – pic taken by Mike Finnegan:


Kid Rock’s to BLAME!

FULL Album!

The ’72 340 4- speed Plymouth Duster:


3 thoughts on “Taking The Toy From Stock to Wild

  1. Lol remember when the first 22r motor had some problem and you decided to blow it up doing burnouts and drifting it around the storage units with Charlie on board the day you met him.
    On a closed course in Mexico of course 😵


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