The Evolution Of The Toys Air -Ride Compressors & Suspension

The decision to upgrade to an air ride was first done with an Air Ride Technology  (now Ride Tech) 4-link kit for the rear axle, 2 manual valves, and 2 small Thomas air compressors hooked up to a pair of 3 gallon air tanks. With the addition of front bags, I found that it wasn’t enough and upgraded to a larger  AIM Compressor and two 5-gallon tanks.  It became quickly apparent that one larger compressor wasn’t enough – so I added another – and built the special fixture which held everything together. At the end, I replaced those two Air Compressors with two high quality VIAIR compresssors, which were much more efficient, well built, and I highly recommend.

See VIAIR here:

Air Ride Technologies here:

On the center console I installed the separate switches which operated each corner individually, along with a switch to allow the modified play station controller to control all 4 solenoids at once and make the Toy dance. Initially I mounted the dual pointer air pressure gauges for the rear suspension in the Center Console, but later moved it to the windshield pillar so that the Driver could quickly judge, at driving eye level, the height of  each corner. To mount those gauges there, I used brass cabinet door hinges and hose clamps. There was also a switch to turn on and off the heavy duty continuous operation solenoid which supplied power to the air compressors.

NOTE: By clicking on the small pictures below you will open up the Image Gallery and they enlarge in a slideshow.


Some Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush – FULL ALBUM



Bonus Pics of Frank Marino’s MOPAR!


2 thoughts on “The Evolution Of The Toys Air -Ride Compressors & Suspension

  1. Damn I love Frank’s charger. Front wheel drive turned into rear wheel drive. I don’t know why it says it’s a Omni, it’s a charger


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